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Most non-leather and USA imported items are in stock and will be sent within 7 days. All leather goods are custom hand-made to order, please allow 14 to 90 days depending on workload and complexity of order (plain economy items will be fairly quick but some items such as intricate handcarved etc will take longer. If paying direct with credit card, we do not debit your account until the week we start making the the goods, unless instructed otherwise.


As all of the leatherwork is made to order we need to double check that all the info you give us is correct for sizing, etc., and that you are happy with the pricing of your order. For all custom leather we have a new ordering system that gives us this flexibility.

Step 1. Choose your holster, belt or accessory and make a note of the item number;

Step 2. Press the “Info” button;

This will take you to an options page. Fill in the appropriate boxes that relate to your item and click the PayPal button, this will add your order to the cart and charge you the  minimal deposit as shown. Continue shopping for your other items and repeat the process for each one, i.e., belt, holster, etc. You will then need to check out as usual.

We will then contact you if necessary to double check all is OK and confirm the total cost with postage, you will be given the option to pay the balance by credit card, cheque or PayPal. All PayPal payments are debited immediately, other methods are arranged with the customer for timing of payment or card debit. If you do not wish to proceed with the order then the deposit will be refunded. Once you have agreed to proceed with the order it cannot be cancelled once work has commenced.

Other stock items such as Buckles, Badges, Conchos, Hatbands, etc., can be purchased immediately with an add to cart button. If these are added to your gunleather order we will adjust and confirm shipping costs.

Escort Gunleather will confirm e-mail orders and where necessary arrange payment and delivery. As we all know, technology does let us down sometimes, if you don't hear from us within a week of ordering please contact us.

We usually wait until your order is started before debiting your card. There is a 10% handling charge on all orders cancelled after 7 days. The patterning process for your order, at which time the hides will be cut, usually commences  7-14 days from order date after which time we cannot accept a cancellation due to all items being custom made.

Belt Sizing


YOUR DRESS BELT: Please specify your exact size. When determining your size from your older trouser belt, measure from the most used hole to the centre of the buckle pin. Preferably also measure yourself with a tape at the exact position the belt will be worn.

YOUR GUNBELT accommodates your holster and accessories and will be worn at angles over various types of clothing, so please allow for this when stating size required.  We suggest you use a tape measure placing it at the exact position the belt will be worn, not too tight. Give us that measurement and we will do the rest.

Your waist size is NOT your belt size.

A trouser belt is usually about two inches over your trouser size and a gunbelt is usually about four inches over.  For trouser belts, let us know if you plan to use a large trophy buckle or similar, as you may need extra length from the buckle hole to the belt tip.

All of our gunleather is CUSTOM MADE ONLY. We will not exchange or refund on belts that are made to inaccurate measurements supplied by you, please make sure you read the above instructions.

bbl. - The barrel length is measured from the face of the cylinder to the muzzle end.

Disclaimer of warranty

Escort Gunleather takes no responsibility as to the use of the product sold. The determination as to the use of the fitness or suitability of any such product is the responsibility of the buyer as is the risk as to the quality and performance of the product.

We reserve the right to alter or improve the design of any Escort product without notice.

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