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Film & TV Holsters

Here are some reproductions of gunleather seen in your favourite films and TV series. If you are looking for a particular item worn by a movie character that isn’t listed, let us have the details and we’ll make it for you.

Our John Wayne rig, one of the most familiar gunbelts seen on the big screen. Rearward rake, fully leather lined #704 holster in 4.75” with a choice of our #909 folded money belts in Ruff-out leather. This one is aged #2.

The sample displayed is one of the sets we supplied to Madame Tussaud’s exhibitions in London, New York and Hollywood.

#704 & #909  JW

Old West 1

#910 with #20-JWBKL  £125.95

A replica of the waist belt as worn by John Wayne in many of his movies. Single ply cowhide with our #20 JWBKL buckle (see below). The belt shown is the one we supplied for the Madame

Tussaud’s exhibition in Hollywood

and is aged #2.

#20-JWBKL  £89.95

An exact replica of John Wayne's personal belt buckle. He had his made from a Union buckle, the clip fixings were removed and a regular belt loop and pin were braised on. This is the same,

cast from an original buckle


Mini JW rig to fit a Uberti miniature 1873. See our “Miniature Gunbelts” section.

CART - DRESS BELTS Buckles 1 Miniature Gunbelts


The Madame Tussaud’s exhibit.