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Riding Coats

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Bronze or Black. D14C

There’s always one ranchhand smaller ‘n the rest and he’s usually the hardest workin’ one of the bunch. Meet that man’s coat: the Double J. It. Too looks less than it’s big bruiser cousins but it’s practical as a Bible on Sunday. Cut like a jean jacket, it’s crafted of stormproof oilskin to shrug off the worst wind and rain. Corduroy trimmed collar stops it lookin’ like a poor cousin at a barn dance.

We were the UK distributor for KOOLAH, probably the highest quality storm proof coats ever made. The main Australian company had factories in Canada from which we imported. The Canadian factory closed hence our supplies stopped, therefore there are just a few of these fantastic coats left.  As we need to confirm stock and sizes at time of ordering, we do not offer these items through the PayPal route. Please email or telephone for availability. Prices listed are discounted to almost half price.

If telephoning, our answer service is on if we are busy, please leave details and we will call you back.

THE KOOLAH ¾     Bronze or Black. B20C

Not every day on the range is a thunderstorm from hell. Some days you just need to keep the wind and the rain off your most important bits. That’s why we make our Koolah ¾   - it’s easier for walking around in and good protection for the saddle. All the necessary features including cantle cover, storm closures on front and neck, plus double layer weather protection with the cape overshoulder. Draw-string ‘n handwarmers, too.

£65 + £4.50 p&p

£85 + £6.50 p&p