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Modern Gunleather


Due to the various options for all modern kit, please email or telephone your order to make sure we can accommodate your pistol. You can then either pay by PayPal or credit card direct.


The famous “Askins Avenger” High Ride Semi-Pancake Holster with 1 3/4" Belt Loop and Slot for max concealment. Backward rake. Fully Moulded Single Ply Leather.

Med & Large Auto.



Fully Moulded Thumb-Break holster. Single ply moulded leather with 1 1/2” belt loop. Backward rake. We do have different styles of this holster for wider belts.

Most large Autos.



Single ply heavy leather competition holster with tension screw and screw down belt loop. Can be made in either Backward or Forward rake. (Backward = muzzle back).

Most large Autos.



Fully Moulded Pancake Holster. Single ply with Thumb-Break. Backward rake. We also make this with a removable safety strap as #503.

Revolvers up to 4” and most large Autos.


MODERN PRICES 2015 - 2 .pdf