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Probably THE most famous gunbelt of all westerns. The familiar ruff-out leather with loop & diamond stitch design and forward rake “walk & draw” holster. Andy Anderson of Hollywood made the original which was used throughout Eastwood’s western film career after “Rawhide”. Anderson also made a number of gunbelts for many films as well as most of the Spaghetti Westerns, such as “The Magnificent Seven”, “Once Upon a Time in the West” and TV westerns including “The Virginian”.

After seeing samples of the competition, we are confident ours beats them all in quality, materials and design. The sample pictured here is one of the sets we supplied to Madame Tussaud’s exhibits of Clint Eastwood in London, New York and Hollywood, California. “Coals to Newcastle” as they say!

We have a few options for this rig; The original authentic set is our #703E, Ruff-Out cowhide fully leather lined with steel lining in the holster pocket, holster shank and hip plate, including the hand cast AA brass buckle.

Go to the “Spaghetti Western” page and press the “Info” button to order.

We also offer  economy versions which can be seen on our other site at www.buckfarnsworth.com

If you like the style but don’t want to go for the “Eastwood” effect, then you can purchase the #703 holster in a selection of colours and choose either the #902 Tapered belt or the #903 Ranger belt separately, adding stitch design or tooling etc as you go through the ordering process.

#703E Eastwood Complete Rig

#AA Eastwood Buckle £35

An exact replica of the buckle used on many of Andy Anderson's gunbelts. Solid brass with a hammered effect for a 1.5” belt. We have these hand cast in limited quantities from an original buckle.




Available in Sterling Silver, Solid Brass or Nickel Plated Brass. For attaching to existing grips, right or left side. Actual pistol grip not included.


Eastwood Grip Snakes: As seen on the pistols used by Clint Eastwood.

See our SP-26101 in the
Spurs” section.

Also available in Neutral Rake, please specify.

The Madame Tussaud’s exhibit.