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We designed and made all of the holsters, cartridge belts, rifle scabbards, bandoleers and cavalry equipment for the Kevin Costner T.V. Series Hatfields & McCoys.

You can now purchase these items which come with a

Certificate of Authenticity.

Here are a selection of the most popular items from the film, these are photos of the exact pieces supplied. If you need something which is not listed, please let us know.


#HM-1 Devil Anse Hatfield.

The left photo is the actual holster we made for Kevin Costner to wear in the film, the right photo is current production. We can age this if you wish and there is a choice of nickel or brass studs. Shown with Remington 1858, but available for any revolver up to 8”.


Our current “Devil Anse” holster shown on paired cartridge belt with 24 bullet Loops.

Shown on #HM-B1 Belt.

Virtually all of the cartridge belts we made for this series have 24 bullets loops.

“Devil” Anse Hatfield.