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We can custom make you any type of belt. On the next page there are a few of our main styles, but we can add tooling, stitching, carving, studs, conchos, brass buckles, silver buckle sets, you name it.

The “Info” button will take you to drop down boxes of the belt styles with base prices, tooling, etc. If you want a particular style or finish please contact us for a quote.


We use only first grade full grain cowhides which are tanned to our own specification. The tan starts of as a light, golden colour which is then oiled and dressed by us to achieve the desired effect. The black is dyed through at the tannery so that tooling and damage such as scratches, etc., do not show through as it would if it were hand dyed or spayed.  We do not dye our items unless we have specific instructions to do so, for special colours etc., where a colour match or antique finish is desired.  Everything is oiled to get the right colour, we use a dark tinted oil for dark brown which makes sure the colour penetrates and above all looks natural and not an artificial colour. With our methods of colouring and dressing the hide you will be confident that our gunleather will “age gracefully” looking better and better as time goes on.

Colours we offer are medium oiled tan, dark oiled brown and oiled black . Stitch colours are brown, white or black.

We can also use English Bridle Leather for our belts. This is colour finished at the tannery and has a fat & wax content. Standard colours are London Tan, Chestnut, Havanna & Black. We cannot tool this leather so plain belts only.


Our edges are bevelled, smoothed, dyed, waxed and burnished all by hand. The stitching is done in two ways, we use extra heavy duty harness machines using 3, 4 and 5 cord waxed thread set to give a perfect saddle stitch. Unlike some makers, we treat machine stitching as an art.  Some items we still sew by hand, i.e. If a buckle needs to be stitched on.


Please see our ordering instructions. Your belt size will usually be about 2” over your waist size.