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CREASE LINING: A border design of lines tooled into the leather with a saddlers creasing iron. Most unstitched edges of our leatherwork will have a single crease line as standard. When crease lining is ordered as an extra this will be a design of a few lines bordering the belt or holster.

BORDER TOOLING: A hand tooled border design using various leather stamping tools.

BASKETWEAVE: A hand tooled “woven” pattern using a small stamping tool.

HAND TOOLING: A design made up from various stamping tools.

HAND CARVING: A design which is actually knife cut and textured using special tools.

BILLET: The part of a strap where the buckle adjusts.

TOE PLUG: A hand sewn plug in the muzzle end of a holster.

FORWARD RAKE: Muzzle angled forward.

BACKWARD RAKE: Muzzle angled backward.

SHANK: As on our Hollywood or “Walk & Draw” holsters, the piece going from the holster pocket up and over the belt, or through the “Drop Loop” belt slot. This is usually steel lined.

STEEL LINED: A panel of steel sandwiched between two layers of leather for strength.

RUFF OUT: The flesh or “sueded” side of the leather.

TWIST DRAW: The opposite holster worn on the strong side, i.e., a right handed twist draw will have the butt facing forward on your right side.

RUFF-OUT: The flesh or “sueded” side of the leather.

GRAIN OUT: The top side of full grain leather.

LEATHER LINED: Double & stitched, two thicknesses sewn together.

SINGLE PLY: One thickness of leather.

HAMMER THONG: To hold the gun in the holster. Our authentic Old West holsters will not have one unless requested.